About Us

The Neurotrauma Registry is a voluntary database of Hawaii
residents with neurotrauma injury (TBI: Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury or Stroke). Funded by the Department of Health, the state of Hawaii currently has no information about how many people are living with neurotrauma injury and what their needs are. A registry would provide lawmakers, medical providers, and
researchers the information they need to better serve these individuals.

Registry participants will receive information about their injury and referral to services.

In the long term, a registry may lead to:

  • Better support services
  • Changes in legislation
  • New research on neurotrauma

Hooikaika (a past project) volunteers assist the project by promoting the registry and enrolling new participants. Our volunteers are our best spokespeople and promoters. We discuss the registry with health care providers and advocacy groups. We promote the registry directly to the public through health fairs and community events as well as through advertising (television, radio, newspapers and online).

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